2019 U.S. Chamber IP Index: Countries “Inspire Tomorrow” When They Prioritize IP

On February 7, 2019, GIPC released the 2019 U.S. Chamber International IP Index, “Inspiring Tomorrow.”  The 7th edition of the U.S. Chamber International IP Index  is a roadmap for countries looking to create an environment which inspires innovation through an effective IP architecture.

The Index analyzes the IP framework in 50 global economies and illustrates that IP is the driving force behind the transformative growth of innovation and creativity in global markets. The 2019 Index demonstrates the close correlation between effective IP protection and economic growth, global competitiveness, and the creation of 21st century knowledge-based economies.

The Index illustrates how tangible progress on IP can lead to real economic benefits. For instance, the 2019 Index revealed that IP-driven economies are 55% more likely to adapt to sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology, and are 26% more competitive overall. Additionally, these economies are twice as likely to produce and export complex, knowledge-intensive products.

The 7th edition of the Index demonstrates that there was significant movement – both positive and negative – on IP over the last year. The 2019 Index shows that some key developing countries are on the move, which is most evident through India’s nearly 20% increase in score between the 2018 and 2019 editions. India rose in the rankings from 44th in 2018 to 36th in 2019 due to reforms that better aligned their IP environment with the international IP system, including their accession to the WIPO Internet Treaties, their addition of PPH with Japan, the introduction of IP Incentives for small businesses, and administrative reform that addressed patent backlog.

Likewise, some developed countries made noteworthy progress in establishing policies that better protect IP in 2018. For instance, the US moved from 12th to 2nd in the patent category due to USPTO reforms that improved provided greater transparency to the patent process.

The bottom line is—when international economies invest in their IP systems through legislation, whole societies benefit.

IP protection enables us to envision a better tomorrow, one in which the technologies we have not yet dreamed of will allow us to address new global challenges more effectively than ever before. Innovation and IP protections must evolve in tandem in order to continue inspiring a better tomorrow.

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