402 Companies from 50 States Urge Congress to Pass Rogue Sites Legislation

Online counterfeiting and piracy is a serious problem which deserves serious attention. It’s not only caught our attention, or the attention of 43 attorneys general, or the attention of nearly half of the Senate, or the attention dozens of labor organizations, or the attention of consumer advocates, or the attention of constitutional experts, but now has caught the attention of over 400 businesses, organizations, and trade associations.

Today, a letter with, to be exact, 402 signatories representing every state in the union was sent to Capitol Hill, urging Congress to enact rogue sites legislation. Looking at the list, it is clear that IP theft spares no worker or industry. Where else will you find the National Confectioners Association sit next to ESPN, Inc.? Or the Chrysler Group be listed directly above the Church Music Publishers Association?

In the letter, the companies urged Congress “to enact legislation that targets those who abuse the Internet ecosystem and reap illegal profits by stealing the intellectual property (IP) of America’s innovative and creative industries. These rogue sites—websites dedicated to counterfeiting and piracy—put American jobs, consumers, and innovation at risk.”

The companies that are affected by this mass theft of intellectual property employ thousands of Americans and provide benefits to their families. Intellectual property rights exist for a reason, but are completely toothless without the proper enforcement.

Rogue sites legislation, like the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act and House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) provide tailored and effective tools to help combat those who abuse the Internet. Criminals from around the world are operating these websites and are selling wholly illegal products to unsuspecting Americans through these virtual storefronts.

The GIPC and U.S. Chamber of Commerce are proud to stand with over 400 companies and associations and say that we refuse to sit idly by as this illicit market of illegal and potentially dangerous goods continue to usurp the legitimate marketplace.

We look forward to seeing both rogue sites bills through the legislative process and look forward to the quick enactment of rogue sites legislation, to save American jobs, innovation, and consumers.

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