Acting Register of Copyrights Stops By for GIPC Speaker Series

Yesterday, the GIPC kicked off its 2011 Speaker Series with Maria Pallante, Acting Register of Copyrights, to discuss the current challenges to copyright protection in 2011. Ms. Pallante expressed her growing concern over the presence of rogue websites, or parasites, on the Internet and the urgent need to address that problem.  In particular, the Acting Register noted the problem of infringement via cyberlockers and expressed the concern that rogue sites legislation not leave that unaddressed. She also noted the need to make criminal infringement by means of streaming over the Internet more clearly a basis for a felony conviction, and weighed in on the Google Books settlement.


Ms. Pallante also offered some longer-range comments. She noted the importance of industry-led education efforts and her desire to see those coordinated with similar government efforts. On the international side, she reiterated the Copyright Office’s support for strong international IP protection, including in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. And she noted her surprise that WIPO does not spend more time on promoting strong IP protection.

We are appreciative of the support of the Acting Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante. We hope that with her continued voice behind legislation that aims to curb the global scourge of rogue websites that effort will continue to pick up steam. Earlier this week, we commended the vocal, bipartisan Congressional call for legislative action against rogue sites, from leaders in both the House and Senate. Ms. Pallante’s speech at the GIPC Speaker series and the Congressional press conference on Monday are an excellent segue into today’s important Congressional hearing before the House subcommittee on rogue websites. The train of support for rogue websites legislation keeps moving full speed ahead and the GIPC is firmly committed to this critical cause.

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