Announcing the Release of the 2018 U.S. Chamber International IP Index, “Create”

A spark of creativity can happen anywhere at any time. New songs, movies, and TV shows; new medicines, treatments, and cures; new fashion trends and new technology; even new businesses and industries – everything begins with an idea.

But a great idea can only go so far. A great idea requires significant time and resources and ultimately market power to transform into a product with the power to change lives. A great idea needs an environment that encourages and incentivizes creators to bring their imaginations to life.

Here, Intellectual property protections play a critical role. They give tangible value to ideas and empower people to earn a livelihood off of their creativity. They fuel economic growth, job creation, and access to creative and innovative output.

Intellectual property protections beckon: Imagine it, and it can be so.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce International IP Index, with its 40 discrete indicators covering policy, law, regulation, and enforcement, seeks to answer one simple question: Does a given economy’s intellectual property system provide a reliable basis of investment in the innovation and creativity lifecycle?

Because with a strong intellectual property system, there’s no limit to what we might create next.

Read the sixth edition of the U.S. Chamber International IP Index “Create” here.

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