BIO Voices Agree: Intellectual Property Delivers

Originally posted on the BIOtechNOW blog

Over the last year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global IP Center (GIPC) has met with entrepreneurs from around the world to get their personal stories on what it takes to become a breakthrough innovator in the 21st century. While the products that these innovators create come in many shapes and sizes, all of those we’ve come into contact with—many of whom from the annual BIO International Convention—have displayed a resounding respect for and interest in intellectual property rights and their protection.

From Malaysia to Hungary, those driving progress in the biotech sector all believe that intellectual property delivers. IP delivers their innovations to market. IP delivers access to lifesaving pharmaceuticals and technologies. IP delivers access to resources. In short, IP can serve as a lynchpin to breakthrough creations.

This is precisely why the GIPC has launched an international campaign, IP Delivers, aimed at educating and advocating for the intellectual property rights of those who are changing the world. While IP Delivers provides a platform to educate global stakeholders on the fundamentals of intellectual property, it also seeks to highlight the very people who rely on it.

These “Voices of IP” really put the innovative power that individuals have to improve our world into perspective. The game-changing technologies they’re pursuing and the promise they hold for global health, the environment, and our cultural edification is truly inspiring. In the last year we’ve spoken to cutting-edge medical biotechnology companies developing treatments for cancer, allergies and mental disease. We’ve learned how a small company in Brazil transformed into the largest producer of wind-turbine blades in the world, and a system developed for delivering solar-power to some of the most economically challenged villages in India.

These small and medium sized companies have experienced the value of owning their intellectual property – from concept to creation and commercialization. Whether they are a start-up laboratory with 15 people or a factory with over 500 people, the jobs and innovative technology they produce are dependent on their ability to protect their innovation.

Every month we are adding more interviews with scientists, engineers, artists, entertainers, designers, and others whose work is improving our lives.  If you or your company depends on intellectual property to deliver your products to the world, we invite you to join our community and conversation.

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