February 5, 2010

Blog Post: “Weather for Super Bowl XLIV: Partly Cloudy With A 100% Chance of Counterfeiting”

The weather in Miami leading up to this weekend’s Super Bowl has been erratic to say the least. And while I’m no meteorologist, there’s one prediction I can make with confidence: one team will come out on top and thousands of vendors will be hawking counterfeit NFL merchandise to football fans in Miami, across the country, and around the world via the Internet. As the epitome of American sports culture, the Super Bowl game is expected to attract the attention of over 100 million viewers across the globe. Many viewers will be tuning-in for one of the most anticipated games in recent memory, while others will be waiting for the breaks in the game to see what creative ads are thrown their way. But let’s not forget that the allure of the Super Bowl game, and the fans that both teams draw, also attracts counterfeiters looking to make a quick buck (or a quick million) off of unsuspecting consumers. Read more…

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