Chamber Applauds Introduction of Online Pharmacy Safety Act

Yesterday, Senator Feinstein (CA), joined by Senator Sessions (AL), Schumer (NY), and Cornyn (TX), introduced the Online Pharmacy Safety Act (S. 2002). This important bill will promote public health and safety and improves patient access to safe online pharmacies by establishing a registry of legitimate online pharmacies, and by defining “valid prescription” for purposes of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Earlier today, the Chamber sent a letter applauding the introduction of this important consumer safety bill.

The introduction of this bill marks another important step forward in the effort to protect consumers for rogue websites. Rogue pharmacies—run by sophisticated criminal networks—often have the “look and feel” of legitimate pharmacies. Many even claim to be endorsed by government agencies—even displaying phony licenses. These illegal pharmacies accept credit cards and some even offer online “support.” But these false insignia of legitimacy far too often fool consumers into purchasing potentially deadly counterfeit medicine.

Once enacted, S. 2002 will provide consumers with a registry of safe legitimate online pharmacies. This information will help consumers identify safe and convenient places to purchase their prescription drugs.

When coupled with the rogue sites legislation moving through both the House and the Senate—SOPA (H.R. 3261) and the PROTECT IP ACT (S. 968) respectively—the Online Pharmacy Safety Act goes a long way towards making the Internet a safer, more vibrant marketplace.

We thank Senators Feinstein, Sessions, Schumer, and Cornyn for their leadership on this important issue.

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