Chamber Presses Gas Pedal on IP Push

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The Chamber of Commerce’s Global IP Center is sending lawmakers a letter signed by more than 350 stakeholders that urges Congress to pass legislation to crack down on rogue websites. Signatories of the letter include the American Apparel and Footwear Association, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Comcast, Electronic Arts, Eli Lilly, NAB, NBCUniversal, NFL, MPAA, Pfizer, RIAA, Professional Photographers of America, Viacom and SIIA. Read it in full here:

GIPC is also launching today an interactive multimedia website, “The Innovation Lifecycle,” which features more than 30 voices of people across a range of industries who describe how protecting IP drives innovation and saves American jobs. There will be a reception celebrating its launch, too. More here:


Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) @globalIPcenter 27m

Extending the #IP waiver would undermine the U.S. manufacturing base, harm American workers, and erode the innovation ecosystem that enhances American prosperity. More from @USChamber:

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