Checking in with the Champions: 2017 IP Champions for Excellence in Creativity



The evolution of art spans countless mediums, with famous works and artists standing the test of time. Artists of all kinds are capable of crossing language, cultural, and political boundaries to reach an international audience and inspire a new generation of artists. At last year’s annual Champions Gala, animators and musicians took home the IP Champion for Excellence in Creativity awards for their unique work and their dedication to intellectual property protections.

Comic books are a staple of American culture, and Neal Adams is no stranger to the special connection they garner with readers. While he is most famous for iconic DC Comics Superman, Batman, and the Green Arrow, he has been a crusader for IP rights. Recognizing the critical role IP plays for artists, Neal was pivotal in awarding royalties to Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster. Adams’ work has earned him the privilege of Hall of Fame inductions and a permanent place in the hearts of DC Comic fans.

NBCUniversal is America’s oldest surviving studio. Its work and productions have sold out innumerable theaters and made memories for fans of all ages. it’s no wonder NBCUniversal won last year’s Excellence in Creativity – Animation award. Its tenacious creativity has produced an endless list of notable animated films: the Shrek franchise, the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, and the Despicable Me franchise to name a few. All of these have depended on the strong enforcement of IP to protect their beloved drawings and creations.

Finally, legendary vocalist Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was the third recipient of an IP Champion for Excellence in Creativity award. Founded in 1969, ZZ Top has traveled the world performing, cementing itself as one of the most legendary classic rock bands. Globally, ZZ Top has sold more than 50 million albums. Their unique style has given birth to countless other artists and IP security has assured that their legacy lives on.

The way we’ve come to receive and appreciate art is evolving every day. New websites, apps, and social media platforms offer exciting opportunities for artists to wow us with their next great creation. As more consumers rely on digital services, musicians and artists increasingly rely on IP, and corresponding enforcement, to make sure their work is credited and lasts for generations.

Who will inspire you at this year’s IP Champions Gala? Join us on September 12 to honor our 2018 awardees.


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