August 10, 2015

U.S.-China IP Cooperation Dialogue 2015

U.S.-China IP Cooperation Dialogue 2014-2015

This new report released by a joint United States-China working group outlines solutions to some of the most complex and challenging IP issues facing China. The report is the second released by the U.S.-China IP Cooperation Dialogue, a collaboration between the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Renmin University’s China Intellectual Property Academy.  The Dialogue brings together 10 thought leaders annually – five from the United States, five from China – committed to strengthening IP rights in China (the full list of participants can be found here). The report examines five key areas: IP and innovation in the technical sector; IP and innovation in the pharmaceutical sector; judicial protection of IP; trade secrets protection; and copyright enforcement.

Among the most important findings in the report was agreement by both sides regarding the need to increase the quality of patents – not just the quantity – in order to drive innovation. The report also examines why China’s rich talent pool, investments and ambition has not resulted in new drug discoveries.  It calls for consistency and transparency in the Chinese legal process, including by establishing one single IP appellate court, a searchable case database and an amicus system. The report also addresses measures to protect trade secrets and confidential business methods, both increasingly important.

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