‘Clean technology could create 10m jobs by 2025’

New Delhi: Clean technologies have the potential to generate 10 million jobs in India by 2025 if a strong intellectual property system is preserved, says a new report.

Looking at the growth of Indian economy and energy consumption in the country, the report says green technologies will have a key role to play in an evolving climate-friendly world. Since solar, biofuel, nuclear, wind, hydrogen, thermal and hydroelectric power sources are driven by strong property rights, the report argues for the government to undertake a prominent role in the protection of clean technology innovation rights, particularly since the country is home to leading companies like Suzlon, Tata BP Solar and Moser Baer PV Technologies.

The report, A policy approach for supporting clean energy technology in India, by the Coalition for Innovation, Employment and Development, comes at a time when developing countries have been calling for a fresh approach to get around the contentious issue of intellectual property rights to enable transfer of clean technologies from industrialised to developing countries.

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