Continued Push for Rogue Sites Legislation

As Congress begins to hammer out its jobs agenda this fall, we have just one particular request: protect American jobs by getting rogue sites legislation done.  In fact, enacting rogue sites legislation was featured prominently alongside other critical job creating tools in the Chamber’s jobs agenda letter sent to the President and Congress last week.

We’ve long said that intellectual property (IP) is a cornerstone of nearly every industry—from medical, entertainment, and software, to fashion, automotive, and consumer goods. These IP industries are responsible for the jobs of more than 19 million Americans, $7.7 trillion of our gross output, and 60% of U.S. exports. The theft of IP—specifically online counterfeiting and piracy on rogue websites—leaves no industry unscathed. That is why we need rogue sites legislation.

To echo the call for rogue sites legislation, the Chamber’s Global IP Center and the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy are running an advertisement campaign these next few weeks highlighting the danger of rogue sites. As the ads point out, we must go after these online criminals that are reaping benefits from America’s talent and hard work, endangering the health and safety of consumers, and stealing our jobs.

Some might think Washington can’t agree on much these days, but the reality is rogue sites legislation receives bipartisan support in Congress, 43 state attorneys general, as well as governors and mayors. Perhaps the most striking bond of support is the unified push from businesses–small and large–alongside organized labor in leading the effort for this legislation.

Congress: For the sake of American jobs and consumers, it’s time to get rogue sites legislation done.

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