Dangerous Fakes Will Shock You

When you think of counterfeits, sure you think of handbags or clothing, but what about a common household extension cord? Recently, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement seized thousands of boxes of extension cords in the United States.  The problem is, these goods are oftentimes of substandard quality and do not meet even basic health and safety guidelines. And extension cords represent only the tip of the counterfeiting iceberg. We’re seeing a variety of household goods ranging from batteries to smoke detectors that are being faked and put in our homes. Just think- would you be able to tell a counterfeit home product like an extension cord from a real one?

A team from the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) hit the streets in New York’s Times Square to ask consumers that very question. As part of its Dangerous Fakes campaign, the GIPC is highlighting the growing—and unnecessary—threats to safety posed by counterfeit goods. Counterfeiters have become masters at disguising dangerous fakes as real products.  Here, we put consumers in Times Square to the test: can you spot the fake?


For more information, please visit www.DangerousFakes.com.

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