IP Delivers


IP Delivers, an informational campaign of the Global Intellectual Property Center, is committed to promoting the rights of innovators and creators around the world who are creating jobs, spurring economic growth and delivering breakthrough solutions to global challenges.

IP Delivers is supported by the leading innovative and creative voices from around the world and seeks to empower new voices in support of pro-innovation paths worldwide. We are advocated for the recognition of innovation, creativity, and intellectual property rights in public policy and international fora.

We believe in four core principles that illustrate the immense importance intellectual property rights play in advancing the global economy, protecting consumers, and furthering human progress:

IP Delivers… Jobs

Our economies depend on the hard work of inventors, artists, scientists, designers, and engineers. The careers of these creative individuals depend on intellectual property to ensure that they are fairly compensated.

IP Delivers… Innovation

Our world depends on innovation to solve critical challenges. Providing intellectual property protection promotes future innovation by ensuring that those who are driving it have the ability to recoup their investments and benefit from their breakthroughs.

IP Delivers… Safety

Counterfeiting and piracy threaten consumers with unsafe products and malicious malware, and divert money from legitimate businesses into the hands of organized criminals.

IP Delivers… Access

Intellectual property rights are critical to expanding the public knowledge pool and access to innovative technologies while preserving the individual rights of innovators and creators.

For more information, please visit www.IPdelivers.com.

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