GIPC Applauds the Appointment of Maria Pallante As Register of Copyrights

Today, Acting Register Maria Pallante was appointed Register of Copyrights for the U.S. Copyright Office by the Librarian of Congress, Dr. James H. Billington. The GIPC enthusiastically welcomes Pallante’s appointment, which positions her at the helm of a key American IP institution. An effective Register of Copyrights must be a champion of IP, demonstrating an ability to understand its nuances and values, as well as an administrator who can serve the copyright community with efficient registration, licensing, and other functions. It is difficult to think of someone who fits the bill more perfectly than Maria Pallante.

The GIPC and leaders of the IP community witnessed Pallante‘s expertise first-hand this past March when she participated as the first featured guest in the 2011 GIPC Speaker Series. In her remarks, Pallante raised concerns of burgeoning IP infringement which can be perpetuated by rogue sites, rogue cyberlockers, and illegal streaming (on which she spoke again today, this time to the House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet). Ms. Pallante is also an advocate of strong IP provisions in international trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. The GIPC looks forward to working with her in ensuring effective, comprehensive strategies for promoting America’s intellectual property. Congratulations, Maria.

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