May 30, 2018

GIPC Statement on European Commission Proposal to Introduce an SPC Waiver

GIPC Senior Vice President Patrick Kilbride released the following statement today in response to the European Commission’s (EC) proposal to introduce an SPC waiver:

“The supplementary protection certificate (SPC) mechanism assures innovators that they are able to recoup the research and development costs associated with their products and fund future biopharmaceutical breakthroughs.

“An EU-wide SPC manufacturing and export exemption would weaken this protection promised to innovative biopharmaceutical companies and diminish investor certainty in the EU biopharmaceutical industry, not to mention jeopardize high-value EU jobs and hamper competitiveness and economic growth. The European Commission’s approach will stifle progress in an industry sector responsible for the future of health technology and the health outcomes of billions of people worldwide.

“We hope the European Commission will reconsider its proposal and preserve the incentives that will deliver tomorrow’s treatments and cures.”

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