Global survey shows support for IP rights

The Hill
The Business Software Alliance released a survey Tuesday that shows three-quarters of international respondents believe innovators should be paid for creating new technologies or products.

The survey’s release on World Intellectual Property Day comes as the film, music and software industries have stepped up their lobbying efforts to encourage the Obama administration to crack down on online copyright violators.

Members of the content industries argue their business model is under attack because consumers have come to expect the ability to download copyrighted content for free. But the survey of 15,000 personal computer users in 32 countries shows 71 percent believe innovators should be paid for their work.

“While intellectual property (IP) may seem like an abstract concept, many fail to realize how central IP is to our economic well-being,” said Mark Elliot, executive vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center.

“Sound IP policies in the U.S. and abroad are essential to advancing global economic recovery, driving America’s competitiveness and export growth, and creating high-quality American jobs. In sum, IP = Jobs.”

The World Intellectual Property Organization established World IP Day in 2000.

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