57 Organizations Unite on World IP Day

This week, in honor of World IP Day, 57 organizations came together to promote the importance of a strong intellectual property (IP) system to a healthy global innovation economy. Strong IP systems make the business of innovation possible: they allow innovators – and investors – to take risks on ideas.

Strong IP protections are at the heart of our favorite movies, books, art, fashion, and music. They’re at the heart of groundbreaking medical trials, treatments, and cures; new technology and software applications; and advancement in manufacturing across a variety of sectors.

The impact of IP protections goes still beyond these life-improving products and services. IP protections have also improved the livelihoods of Americans through high-value employment. IP protections support more than 45 million American jobs in 81 different industries in every county in every state across the nation. Not to mention, these jobs may on average as much as 43% more than jobs outside of the IP community.

Even as the political debates in Washington continue to heat up, we all understand that it’s critical the U.S. remain a leader on the world stage. The future solutions to our biggest problems and the successes of the American people, businesses, and industries at each solution’s core depend on a commitment to strong IP protections.

Today we celebrate how IP ignites innovation, creativity, and economic growth. Join the conversation using #WorldIPDay

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