By Trinh Nguyen

Over years of attending the annual international BIO Conference, we have been inspired by the stories of innovators and creators who are dedicated to making a difference in global health, safety, and the environment. The biotechnology field, perhaps more than any other, is full of successes stories large and small which are driving scientific and technological progress.

But as all entreprenuers know, becoming a success doesn’t happen overnight. Particularly, biotech advances are rife with heavy up-front costs, numerous dead ends, and significant investment in human capital. The road to your big breakthrough may be trying at times, but once your product makes it to market, it all becomes worth the wait. For your company, for patients, for the economy.

And, while there is not one single answer to developing the next great invention, we have heard time and time again that there is one essential element to any biotech business plan: intellectual property (IP). These particpants’ stories represent the personal side to innovation and IP.  In short, they say, #IamIP.

From France to Brazil, IP rights are essential in bringing anything from diabetes treatments to alternative sources of energy to see the light of day. But biotech just scratches the surface. Defense technologies, movies, pharmaceuticals, electronics, clothing, literature just to name a few examples are also all products of intellectual property. Patents, copyrights, and trademarks incentivize creators to pursue grand and not-so-grand ideas alike that could, well, change the world.

And we know you are one of those creators. We want to hear your story:

  • Engage #IamIP on Twitter! Tell us “how has intellectual property helped you innovate?”
  • Fill out this survey for a chance to be featured as one of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center’s “Voices of IP

One of the first steps to promoting IP rights is to understand how central they are to businesses of all kinds. Your #IamIP stories can provide a unique opportunity to highlight the types of innovation we could lose out on if IP rights are not respected around the world.

However, most importantly, your #IamIP stories will provide a snapshot for what we have to look forward to for a brighter future.

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