ICYMI: India in Reverse

By Ashley Mergen

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice: India’s economy is backsliding. Puzzling policies which cut to the core of the country’s innovative potential and intellectual property rights are causing India to miss out on one of the biggest trade and industry opportunities seen in modern history.

But today’s New York Times editorial board took this line of thinking a step further, suggesting that a wide array of economic woes are moving the country in reverse:

Until the coalition government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reforms the country’s economy, India will fall far short of its potential… The financial crisis forced investors to pay more attention to fundamental problems in emerging markets. Analysts and business executives say the country has become even less hospitable in recent years.

And with just one week ahead of Prime Minister Singh’s diplomatic visit stateside, it’s important we deliver the message on behalf of the business community that anti-innovation policies are bad for business, bad for India, and bad for the global economy.

Please visit the
New York Times editorial page to view the full editorial.

To learn more on how the protection of IP rights have gone awry in India, visit our webpage dedicated to the issue: http://www.theglobalipcenter.com/initiatives/international-advocacy/india/ .

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