April 24, 2010

The Impact of Innovation and the Role of IP Rights on U.S. Productivity, Competitiveness, Jobs, Wages and Exports

Intellectual property (IP) rights and innovation are primary drivers of job creation and American economic growth. Today’s global IP rights system is designed to incentivize individuals, small businesses and large corporations to invest in the advancements that make our lives better. The dollars applied to research and development (R&D) not only lead to novel creations—from life saving medicines and environmental-friendly technologies to first class entertainment such as books, movies, and music—but also stimulate the economy, create jobs, and enhance American competitiveness.

Conducted by Dr. Nam Pham of NDP Consulting, “The Impact of Innovation and the Role of Intellectual Property Rights on U.S. Productivity, Competitiveness, Jobs, Wages and Exports” utilizes government data to demonstrate that IP-intensive industries—such as life sciences, software, and aerospace—are succeeding globally, driving innovation, and investing heavily in research and development; this in turn grows the economy by creating jobs and driving exports in a variety of different careers and trades, both “blue collar” and “white collar.”



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As part of @USChamber’s #CallingOnCongress series, @SuzanneUSCC highlights the priorities Congress can and must address to combat inflation and boost our economy, including: the workforce shortage, energy security, trade, and permitting reform. https://t.co/5jB8PABOjf

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