Innovation Inspiration: IP Champion Edison Nation

How does an idea evolve into a design, a prototype, a package, a license, a product?

Just ask Edison Nation.

Edison Nation fosters entrepreneurship, providing funding and product development expertise to new inventors in need.

Whatever the idea and whatever the stage of development, Edison Nation works tirelessly to ensure inventors’ products make it safely and successfully to store shelves.

Today, Edison Nation has brought more than 100 new products to market, translating into more than $200 million in sales.

Helping to produce everything from the latest “As Seen on TV” gadgets to groundbreaking medical devices, Edison Nation is a force for inventors and consumers alike.

They’ve watched the “Perfect Bacon Bowl” sell out its inventory again and again.

“Perfect Bacon Bowl” inventor Thom Jensen made a crude bowl prototype in his kitchen over breakfast one Saturday morning and submitted it to Edison Nation on a whim.

Edison Nation worked with him to create an inventory, perfect a strategic plan, place numerous TV spots, and stock retail store shelves nationwide.

Now, Thom Jensen and the “Perfect Bacon Bowl” are in the kitchens of bacon-lovers everywhere.

Other inventions have seen similar success.

Jonathan C. Smith’s Bed Lifts rolled out in all Bed Bath & Beyond stores in the U.S.

Betsy’s Eggie, a gadget that allows chefs to hard boil eggs without the shells, soon followed.

Anne Daniels’ wheelchair cover was selected for licensing by Sure Fit, a specialty slipcover and home solutions outlet, where it has seen a huge spark of success.

Edison Nation has helped these entrepreneurs, and thousands more, achieve their dreams and contribute to the consumer market.

It’s an engine of innovation we can all celebrate.

This year, at the 2016 IP Champions Gala, we’ll celebrate more amazing creators of jobs, innovation, safety, and access.

We invite you to join us. RSVP today!

Courtney Paul is the associate manager of communications for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Intellectual Property Center. 

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