Introducing IP Delivers

The U.S. Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) is proud to officially launch its international informational campaign, IP Delivers. Today, more than ever, intellectual property (IP) is critical to propelling the development and distribution of breakthrough technologies and content that enriches our economies and our lives.

It’s not just the economic value of IP that makes protecting it fundamental to human progress. The United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the fundamental human right we all have to benefit from our scientific, literary and artistic productions. IP Delivers is dedicated to championing these rights of innovators who are creating jobs, stimulating the global economy, protecting health and safety, and giving us access to game-changing technologies.

In recent years, as we work with our international partners, we have recognized that international policymakers and stakeholders need more substantial resources to make informed decisions which affect global jobs, health and safety, access to technologies, and future innovation. This is precisely why the GIPC has launched the IP Delivers online platform. We aim to be an important resource of facts about intellectual property and its benefits in the form of educational infographics, videos, influential research, and other informational materials.

As trade agreements are being negotiated, treaties are being ratified, and laws are being made, we hope stakeholders, including you, will be a part of the IP Delivers community and conversation. To learn more or to join IP Delivers, please visit our website at

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