IP Champions 2018

The 2018 IP Champions Gala

September 12, 2018




IP Champion for Excellence in Enforcement
Peter O’Doherty, Head, Economic Crime Directorate, City of London Police
Nick Court, Chief Detective, Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, City of London Police


IP Champion for Excellence in Innovation
Alvin Roth, Founder, Kidney Exchange
Inderjit Jutla, Founder, Aluna


IP Champion for Excellence in Advocacy
Bart Herbison, President, Nashville Songwriters Association
Steve Bogart, Chairman, Nashville Songwriters Association


IP Champion for Excellence in Creativity
Kristie Macosko Krieger, Academy Award-nominated producer
Kira Goldberg, Executive Vice President, Production, 21st Century Fox


Fireside Chat
Deb Reily, Production Designer, Game of Thrones


IP Champion for Excellence in Education
Professor Liu Chuntian, Renmin University of China


IP Champion for Excellence in Creativity
Mary Wilson, The Supremes


IP Champion for Excellence in Innovation
Uzi Hanuni, CEO, Maxtech Networks


Musical Performance
Lee Thomas Miller, Hit Songwriter
Wendell Mobley, Hit Songwriter


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“We’re fortunate to live in an era where IP-driven innovation is changing our lives for better every day, delivering everything from miraculous new cures to creative content at the touch of a button,” said Hirschmann. “The protection of intellectual property incentivizes innovation and entrepreneurship in science, technology, and even art to deliver the latest and greatest products and services. Even as we celebrate all that IP does to improve our lives, we urge policymakers to ensure we continue to incentivize more investments in innovation and creativity.”

– David Hirschmann, president and CEO of GIPC



Medicines that cure. Stories, songs, and movies that inspire. Technologies that solve problems. Products and services that change lives. All of these innovations begin with an idea. Intellectual property (IP) is behind the innovations that make up the very fabric of our global community.

On November 14, GIPC hosted the 5th annual IP Champions Gala to showcase the role intellectual property plays in stimulating innovation and creativity. Each year, the Gala honors distinguished leaders in the innovative and creative community and recognizes their contributions to society.

These distinguished leaders – or IP Champions – take many shapes, ranging from government players to grassroots activists; from movie stars to manufacturers; and from small business owners to songwriters. They represent a diverse range of industries, interest groups, organizations, and occupations. While their gifts are unique, all IP Champions share a dedication to bettering our world.

IP Champions also share the power to encourage the future leaders in the innovative and creative community. IP Champions, simply by nature of their work and success, embody the value of intellectual property and intellectual property protections to future advancement. It’s impossible to imagine what future generations of innovators and creators might achieve. But, those achievements will certainly be fueled by a strong, healthy intellectual property ecosystem.

Below is the full list of awardees and their contribution to promoting or protecting IP :

IP Champion for Excellence in Enforcement – DHS Operation Engine Newity

Operation Engine Newity is managed by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The Operation targets counterfeit auto parts that threaten consumer health and safety. Investigations under Operation Engine Newity have led to the seizure of counterfeit airbag, steering, braking, and seat belt components. As a result of these seizures, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a consumer safety advisory to car owners and repair professionals about the dangers behind counterfeit airbags; safety tests on those seized under Operation Engine Newity have shown a 100 percent failure rate.

IP Champion for Excellence in Innovation – Novartis’ Kymriah

Novartis developed and received FDA approval for a CAR-T cell therapy, Kymriah, for children and young adults with B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) that is refractory or has relapsed at least twice. Kymriah is a first-in-class, revolutionary approach to cancer treatment. Every dose of treatment is completely personalized to the patient, built on the patient’s own immune cells. Novartis is already working to apply the CAR-T technology to other forms of cancer.

IP Champion for Excellence in Creativity – Neal Adams

Neal Adams is a comic book artist and commercial artist, most famous for his work crafting the modern imagery behind favorite DC Comics characters Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow. He is an established creative rights advocate and was instrumental in winning recognition and royalties for Superman creators Jerry Seigel and Joe Schuster. Adams was inducted into the Eisner Award’s Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1998 and the Harvey Awards’ Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1999.

IP Champion for Excellence in Creativity – Animation – NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. Its premiere film production studio, Universal Studios, is the oldest surviving film studio in the United States. Animation teams under NBCUniversal have produced some of the world’s favorite animated stories for film and television. Popular animated films include the Despicable Me franchise, the Shrek franchise, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Trolls.

IP Champion for Excellence in Advocacy – Karen Kerrigan

Karen Kerrigan is the president and CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBEC). Kerrigan’s advocacy work on behalf of the SBEC focuses on key issues impacting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the American and global economies. She regularly provides counsel to government and industry leaders regarding the positive development of entrepreneurship and small business through strong public policy.

IP Champion for Excellence in Creativity – Billy Gibbons

Billy Gibbons is a musician, most famous for his role as guitarist and lead vocalist of rock band ZZ Top. Gibbons formed ZZ Top in late 1969 and contributed to mainstay rock classics like “La Grange,” “Legs,” “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” and “Sharp Dressed Man.” Gibbons consistently appears on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists List and was instrumental in honing the blues-rock fusion genre.


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