IP Creates Jobs for America

On Wednesday, the GIPC unveiled a first-of-its-kind state intellectual property (IP) jobs study, titled IP Creates Jobs for America. This research looked at the direct and indirect effects of intellectual property both nationally and at the state level. Here’s what we found:

  • 55 million jobs– supported by IP-intensive industries, making up 46% of private sector employment
  • $5.8 trillion output– accounting for 48% of total private sector output and 38% of total U.S. GDP
  • 30% higher wages – than the national average supplied by these companies
  • 74% of exports – which amounts to nearly $1 trillion

These numbers build upon the recent Department of Commerce study by expanding the data outside of the direct supply chain and drilling down numbers to the state level. What we found was truly compelling: IP plays a significant role to every state, from sea to shining sea.


To help us understand this, we were joined by Senators Chris Coons, Chuck Grassley, and Pat Roberts to discuss how integral IP is to the economies of Delaware, Iowa, and Kansas, respectively. The Senators highlighted the need to foster these innovative industries and the millions of jobs they support, to ensure state and national economic growth and competitiveness.


Sen. Chris Coons addresses the crowd on the importance of IP to his home state of Delaware.

We thank the Senators for their participation and we hope this study provides local and national leaders with the tools needed to advocate on behalf of comprehensive, sound intellectual property rights and enforcement thereof.

To learn more about your state, please visit www.IPCreatesJobs.com.

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