November 28, 2012

IP Employs Innovation

While intellectual property (IP) may seem like an abstract concept, many fail to realize how central IP is to our economic well-being. Sound IP policies in the U.S. and abroad are essential to advancing global economic recovery, driving America’s competitiveness and export growth, and creating high-quality American jobs. In sum, IP = Jobs.

The facts are clear. Strong IP protections lead to innovative new discoveries that fuel economic growth and build stronger communities. In GIPC’s newest state-by-state report, Employing Innovation Across America, we found that in IP-intensive industries, workers make, on average, higher wages than their private sector counterparts. Additionally, IP drives each state’s manufacturing exports, leads to increased R&D investment, and stimulates and protects innovation.

See how your state relies on intellectual property to promote jobs, GDP, exports, and wages.


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