IP Delivers Launches Research Database

By Aaron Smethurst

For a year and a half, the IP Delivers campaign has actively relayed the importance of intellectual property to policy makers, thought leaders, and the general public. Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of interesting research studies, listened to great panels, and met countless IP creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Yet, unfortunately, we often lose track of these great insights. Whether we forget where we filed the study or can’t recall the wise words of that one speaker, so often we can’t easily put our finger on the information we’re seeking — until now.

Yesterday, the GIPC launched our IP Delivers Research Database, which can be found under the resources section of the IP Delivers website. In the database we have collected, categorized, and summarized an assortment of studies which show the important impact IP has on our world. Utilizing the dynamic search function or browsing for articles using the series of tags, the database helps you quickly and easily locate studies that illustrate how IP creates jobs, fosters innovation, and delivers access to new content and technology.

While the database currently includes dozens of studies from the last 10 years, we pledge to continue to expand the database to include thought-provoking new studies and informational resources in the coming year. So, if you are aware of other articles that you think should be included, don’t despair. The database will be continually updated with new research.

Take a second to check out the database at www.ipdelivers.com/resources, and send us a note with your comments or suggestions at gipc@uschamber.com. We’re eager to figure out how we can best ensure that the database helps IP deliver for you.

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