IP-intensive Industries Beyond the Red Carpet

What does an IP-intensive industry look like? The film, television, and music communities can show you.

Yesterday, Creative Rights Caucus Co-Chairs Representative Judy Chu and Representative Doug Collins hosted “Beyond the Red Carpet: Movie & TV Magic Day” in partnership with members of the film, television, and music communities.

These creative industries are crucial to the U.S. innovation economy, supporting 5.5 million American workers and contributing a whopping $1.2 trillion to the US economy each year.

At the heart of this economic activity lies a strong IP system – a system that assures creators their contributions are valuable and encourages further creativity.

Representative Chu said, “Creative industries contribute over $1 trillion to our economic output and constitute some of our greatest cultural exports. Our signature ‘Beyond The Red Carpet’ event allows us to showcase talented, below-the-line workers and highlight the impact of the creative industries on the workforce in every state. Yesterday’s event also demonstrates the need for our country to have strong intellectual property protections to ensure that we maintain and grow the workforce in our country.”

Representative Collins said, “When we value what is between our ears and our mind, that goes to our heart, that comes out of our mouth, it touches lives around the world. The United States is a beacon of hope, and freedom, and life and culture because of the industries we celebrate here in the intellectual property industries.”

Check out our video and photos below to experience intellectual property at work.

Iconic costumes from Warner Bros. Pictures’ film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on display.

In an interactive virtual reality experience, attendees are transported to the set of The Mummy, alongside Tom Cruise & Annabelle Wallis, as they perform a thrilling stunt in zero gravity.

Original props from Paramount Pictures’ hit movies, including Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and Transformers.

Courtney Paul is the associate manager of communications for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Intellectual Property Center.

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