August 28, 2014

IPEC Key to Protecting Consumers and Jobs

By Frank Cullen

Investments in intellectual property fuels the innovation and creativity that drives remarkable economic growth and provides consumers with products and services that enhance their lives and thrill their senses. The White House has demonstrated its commitment to protecting intellectual property with its announcement today of a nomination for a new intellectual property enforcement coordinator (IPEC).

After over a year of vacancy in the coordinator role, this nomination is a necessary step to elevating IP issues within the administration and throughout the country. Having a strong leader of intellectual property enforcement is crucial in the ongoing fight to protect consumers and industry from the threat of IP theft. New leadership will ensure the issue of illegal counterfeit goods will continue to be raised at the highest level.

“We are pleased to see the administration moving forward with filling this critical role and the Chamber is anxious to build on the successes and momentum already established by the White House Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator. As Congress recognized when it created this position in 2008 with strong bipartisan support, American consumers, workers and job creators, benefit from this critical effort to protect our creative and innovative industries,“ remarked David Hirshmann, President and CEO, Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC).

With a successful confirmation process, we anticipate the renewed commitment at IPEC and dedicated leadership on intellectual property will achieve tangible results for industry and consumers alike.

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