Locke Slams China’s IP Enforcement

Speaking at the Peral River Delta International Forum on Innovation and IP, Locke said: “China’s enforcement of IP laws is often uneven and penalties assessed are often too mild to act as a deterrent.”

Guangdong is one of China’s most economically developed provinces.  Last year, companies filed more patents (over 370,000) and trade marks than any other region in China.

But the province also contains some of China’s biggest IP infringers.  It is one of the largest producers of counterfeit goods and, with 12% to 15% of the country’s internet users, is also one of the centres of online piracy and the online distribution of counterfeits….

“In the concluding remarks, Jeremy Waterman, Asia policy director of the US Chamber of Commerce, said that the Chamber hoped to be able to sign an MOU with the Guangdong IP office to further develop cooperation.”

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