New Steps to Educate Consumers On Online IP Theft

Today, content owners in partnership with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have announced the establishment of the Center for Copyright Information—an important initiative aimed at educating consumers about the importance of reducing IP theft. The Center for Copyright Information comes into being at a very significant time when theft of intellectual property online is multiplying at break-neck speed. Recognizing this, the Center is dedicated to educating the public about copyright and helping to implement an effort to combat online content theft. The Center will inform consumers and the public about the importance of copyright to content creators, to millions of American jobs and the economy, and to consumers themselves. The GIPC enthusiastically applauds this effort as a great step forward in broadening the message of protecting American innovation and creativity.

The methods we use to listen to our music, watch our movies, read our books, and use our business and entertainment software have changed dramatically over the last decade. Despite the changes in how we receive and view content, the recipe for the production of this content has not changed. Artists, creators, musicians, and the hundreds of individuals behind the scenes work tirelessly to create products that enrich our lives. Education is an essential component in building an environment where new generations of content users know where legal content comes from and the many ways they can get it. This latest effort is indicative of the positive contemporary atmosphere in which all the good corporate citizens of America recognize a role in reducing online IP theft. We commend the parties involved on the successful conclusion of these negotiations and look forward to learning more about this exciting initiative.

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