January 28, 2010

New Study Demonstrates Importance of IP Rights to Emerging Economy

January, 27, 2010 (Bangkok, Thailand) – Kenan Institute Asia president Paul Wedel (middle) and Fiscal Policy Research Institute researcher Dr. Mana Laksameearunothai (right) present study to Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Ponlabutr (left). (Courtesy of K.I. Asia)

A study released today in Bangkok by the Fiscal Policy Research Institute (FPRI) and the Kenan Institute Asia (K.I. Asia) concluded that 10% of Thailand’s economy is reliant on intellectual property (IP) rights, and with an improved IP climate, this number could grow substantially. Creative Industries and Economic Development in Thailand studied nine of Thailand’s leading creative industries and found that IP is not only a driving economic force in the nation, but it is also a contributor to job growth in other non-IP sectors as well.

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