On the Eighth Day of the Holidays a Counterfeiter Gave to Meee… (a poem)

Cell phones, computers, and robots galore
Will all work properly if you purchase batteries from a store.
But I want a deal, you fret
And quickly turn to the likes of the Internet
You buy your products with a click of the mouse
And soon they arrive on the doorstep of your house.
Oh Timmy will love his remote control car
You slip in the batteries and tuck the gift away far

Come Christmas morning Timmy is stirred with joy

He unwraps his present and beholds his new toy
He flips the switch on and watches with curiosity
As the car sputters and stalls without much velocity.
Eventually the toy stops dead on the floor
And Timmy begins to cry because he wanted it to do more!
You inspect the electronic to see what was wrong
Only to find the circuits blown up and your money all gone.
What’s worse is that your hands are covered all wet
With a substance that may be toxic, if you could bet
If only those batteries weren’t dangerously fake
And the criminals behind them weren’t able to make

We can count our blessings they didn’t start a fire

Otherwise this one purchase would have been the most dire
But I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll only buy real
I’ll listen to my instincts and forego things that seem like a steal.
An upset child, a doctor’s bill, and ruined holiday ago
Had someone shown me fake batteries I’d say “HO HO HO- NO!”

Please visit www.DangerousFakes.com

Image from iStock

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