On the First Day of the Holidays a Counterfeiter Gave to Meeee…

An Airbag in My Minivan
Maybe you’re not expecting an airbag under your tree, but you are probably running around town in your car to get shopping done. At this time of year, when family is foremost in many people’s minds, their safety is something you do not want to be concerned about.
Unfortunately, dangerous fakes can pop up in many places and put you and your family in a situation where a car part you bought for a “deal” is now putting that in jeopardy. A used car, or one that has recently been repaired, could have parts that you, the dealer, and the mechanic may not know were counterfeit goods.
Just a few months back, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued an APB to all American consumers and mechanics warning of the infiltration of fake airbags in the supply chain. These may seem innocuous, but in reality, fake airbags epitomize a dangerous fake.
Imagine piling your family in your minivan off to grandmother’s house you go and in the small chance you get in an accident, your airbags “don’t inflate or fail to inflate properly… [or even]  fire shards of metal shrapnel on impact” (as the NHTSA found through testing).
And the problem may be more ubiquitous than you’d think. Since the government warning in October, there have been at least three subsequent seizures and arrests connected to these dangerous fakes, spanning from North Carolina to Vancouver to the birthplace of the car- Detroit.
Regardless of location, some of these criminals had access to millions of unsuspecting consumers through their online dealings. Consumers can’t afford to put their family’s safety in jeopardy, and need to protect themselves from deceptive counterfeits, especially during the holidays.
You can ensure a safe and healthy holiday season by checking out our top 10 list of ways to avoid dangerous fakes at www.DangerousFakes.com.

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