On the Ninth Day of the Holidays a Counterfeiter Gave to Meee…

Nine Botched Baby Carriers
Eight Bogus Batteries
Seven Spurious Software
Six Imitation Intimates
Five DVDs
Four Angry Birds
Three Bars of Soap
Two Video Games
and an Airbag in My Minivan

2013 will mark the first Christmas that many parents will celebrate with their newborns. As friends and family shower babies with love, affection, and presents, gift-bearers must remain extra cautious about the legitimacy and safety of the products.
This past Cyber Monday, long accepted as one of the busiest shopping days of the year and helps kick off the holiday season,customs officers participated in a worldwide effort to stop cybercriminals from preying on consumers. Among the illicit e-storefronts for counterfeit sports gear, fake jewelry, and the like was an alarming find: counterfeit baby products.
Apparently nothing is sacred for criminals to make a cheap buck. In this case, imitation isn’t a form of flattery- it’s a harbinger of harm. Those who make products fit for a newborn take painstaking time and resources to meet allhealth and safety standards. Those copycat products, like fake baby carriers, spend very little time and very little resources into what ultimately becomes an unsafe piece of junk that could harm your child’s health.
We’d love to say that this is an exception to the rule, but it isn’t. Over the summer, we went to Times Square to talk to folks at random about Dangerous Fakes, and happened to run into a new mother whom herself unknowingly purchased a counterfeit car seat:



Please keep you and your family safe this holiday season and be mindful of what you buy and from whom.

For more information, please visit www.DangerousFakes.com.

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