One Fake, Many Lives

Your car crashes. There is one- and only one- safety net that could save you from serious injury or could save your life. An airbag is more than an inflatable balloon lodged in your steering wheel or in the passenger’s dashboard. The fabric, chemical reactions, and sensors that make up an airbag were carefully engineered by scientists and developers and have made their way into virtually every vehicle sold in the U.S., saving countless lives from premature ends.

Unfortunately, counterfeiters are also seeking a way to get their products into our vehicles. However, these airbags, breaks, headlights are dangerous fakes and fail when you need them the most. The worst part about these types of counterfeits is that the average person doesn’t even know to look for them.

While we can’t change physics or the laws of motion from preventing car wrecks, we can prevent unnecessary deaths or injuries by counterfeits. Just this week, a North Carolinian pled guilty to selling 7,000 fake airbags online to unsuspecting mechanics and consumers. He made millions profiting off of stolen trademarks affixed to ill-quality products.

It’s difficult to imagine the scope of how just one bad actor can endanger thousands of lives. Intellectual property enforcement counters the misuse of trademarks, patents, and copyrights stolen from legitimate, law-abiding companies.

And in turn, these companies are dedicating time and resources to not only combating counterfeiters who abuse their IP, but also to allay consumers who believe they purchased legitimate products. Counterfeiting is a no-win for business and a no-win for consumers.

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