U.S. Chamber Survey on the State of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods

The danger of counterfeit products is the largest it has ever been. Criminal networks profit from fakes that expose Americans to dangerous products including illicit medicine, makeup, phone chargers, automotive parts, toys and contact lenses. Similarly, importation of unapproved medicines has significant patient safety consequences and undermines the secure supply chain.

To inform research into the current state of counterfeit and pirated goods, the Global Innovation Policy Center commissioned a survey to administer a survey about the current sentiments toward counterfeiting and piracy.

The vast majority of respondents believe that intellectual property infringements pose a major challenge for their organization.

Through this anonymized response tool, companies offered data, answered detailed questions and cited specific examples on three main topics: 1) the impact of counterfeiting and piracy within their corporation; 2) the relative effectiveness of tools currently in use to combat counterfeiting and piracy; and 3) each organization’s perspectives on the prioritization of enforcement tools going forward.

For the full statistical results, see here.

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