Stopping Fakes and Promoting Exports

Today, the International Trade Administration launched their redesigned website, which since 2005, has been the hub for information on how businesses and individuals can obtain and enforce their intellectual property (IP) rights overseas.

Intellectual property rights are not necessarily known for being the most easily understood assets to your business, and add that to the varying degrees of protection afforded by foreign governments, and your head may spin. Fortunately, the new website does an excellent job at educating users on their rights and providing avenues for redress.

Promoting a better understanding of IP is essential to promoting U.S. exports. Businesses large and small can be empowered to make safe and informed decisions when they decide to expand to or operate in foreign markets.

With IP-intensive industries constituting 60% of exports and supporting 19 million Americans with jobs, we are encouraged to see this enhanced focus on protecting and enforcing the IP rights of our most innovative companies.

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