Survey Says: Rogue Sites Legislation is a Win-Win-Win

Today the American Consumer Institute released a survey focusing on the impact of counterfeiting and piracy to the U.S. economy. The survey findings overwhelmingly support what we’ve been saying all along– infringement of American intellectual property is indisputably detrimental to the health of our economy and our consumers as a whole. And consumers recognize this fact and want their elected officials to take action.

The survey asked 800 consumers the following question:

Would you support or oppose legislation that would help block foreign-based Internet websites from trafficking counterfeit goods, content or services to Americans?

The results? 79% said they would support rogue sites legislation, while only 14% said they would oppose.

You see, when the question is posed in a neutral way and not obscured by hyperbole and scare tactics, consumers (by more than a 5-1 margin) want America’s jobs and our most creative and innovative products protected from foreign online thieves.

This is because, as the survey also shows, the American people understand that intellectual property exists precisely to protect their wellbeing, their jobs, and the industries that provide them with the most ground-breaking innovations. Rogue sites legislation is a win for businesses, for Internet, and for consumers.

So, as we embark on this season of giving and the explosion of online shopping that is already underway, ask yourself what are the consequences of buying products from rogue websites? Will someone lose a job? Could this product be defective or even dangerous? Who will be put out of business? Could you even identify a rogue site when you see one?

Consumers shouldn’t have to ask themselves these questions. As in the case of patrons of physical stores within our communities, we should be able to shop through and experience a safe, vibrant online marketplace, free from criminal activity. Fortunately, we can take a critical step towards this type of online market through the passage of rogue sites legislation, currently pending in the House and Senate.

Support for this type of legislation is overwhelming. Businesses, labor organizations, third parties, Constitutional experts, attorneys general, Republicans, Democrats, consumer advocates—and now, the consumers themselves—are all saying enough is enough: we cannot tolerate this illegal activity that is bleeding the economy for the benefit of foreign criminal networks.

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