February 4, 2015

UP: Unlimited Potential – GIPC Index Annex

This annex augments the analysis in the Global Intellectual Property Center International IP Index (GIPC Index) concerning the economic benefits of strengthening intellectual property (IP) protection, by comparing the GIPC Index scores with a number of additional variables using correlations (statistical measures of the likelihood of two elements occurring together). In doing so, the annex provides further insight into the role and impact of IP rights on building innovative economies.

The analysis in this annex takes advantage of a key feature of the GIPC Index—its coverage of different types of IP rights as well as different sectors—in two ways. First, the breadth of coverage of the GIPC Index allows for a more comprehensive and precise picture of how IP rights relate to other economic variables. Second, the ability to isolate IP rights and sector-specific scores, and to test their relationships with relevant economic indicators, enables one to drill down into which aspects of economies’ IP environments matter most for strengthening specific economic activities.

The 15 correlations in this annex are a compilation of the analysis included in the full report, along with 11 additional correlations. They examine the benefits of IP rights in terms of a wide range of general and sector-specific economic activities, from job creation and innovation to biomedical investment and access to creative content and information and communication technology (ICT)-based services. In doing so, the analysis goes beyond looking at broad measurements of economic activity to measure tangible, deep-rooted benefits to economic that relate to IP rights.

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