USTR Kirk, US Chamber Welcomes Release Of Counterfeiting Pact

Wall Street Journal
Trade negotiators from 37 countries ironed out compromises on a range of issues within the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement in Japan over the weekend, allowing a global counterfeiting pact to be signed within weeks.

U.S. trade officials expect remaining issues within the agreement, which were described as “narrow and discrete,” to be settled over the next couple of weeks.

Kirk, in a statement, said the counterfeiting agreement “should send a strong message to pirates and counterfeiters that they have no place in the channels of legitimate trade,”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce also applauded the release of the agreement.

Rob Calia, a senior director at the Chamber, said the agreement “will curb the growing tide of these illegal activities and help protect the industries that are accountable for over 40% of our exports.”

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