April 24, 2014

VIDEO: IP Champion, Rocker Says We’re all Copyright Holders

By Brian Noyes, Eric Sulcs (Cross-posted from the U.S. Chamber Blog)

In his 30-plus year career, musician, advocate, blogger, and University of Georgia lecturer David Lowery never expected to be at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to receive an award for IP advocacy. But upon further thought, the 2014 IP Champion says he understood that “bands are generally highly innovative small businesses, somehow messy and efficient at the same time. We are the ultimate ‘boot strap’ business. From our bedrooms and garage studios we export our music all over the world.”

In fact, what we learned this year was that like the patents, copyrights, and trademarks they create and promote, leaders in IP are a diverse bunch. Where else would you have the singer of “Low” honored alongside an official from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC)?

If anything, this year’s class of IP Champions reminds us of how IP creeps into just about every corner of our daily lives, from the medicines in our medicine cabinets, to the sports we watch on TV, to the security and wellbeing of our families. It also reminds us that an IP Champion could be living next door, working in the office next to ours, or could even be, well,  you.

From the Global Intellectual Property Center, we congratulate the 2014 IP Champions and wish you a very happy World IP Day. And learn more about our IP Champions here.

In the video below, Lowery explains how we are all copyright holders, and the motivations he has as a musician and an advocate for artists intellectual property rights.

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