October 26, 2010

What COICA Does

  • COICA will enable law enforcement to pursue websites that are solely dedicated to infringing activities, giving prosecutors the tools to shut down the “worst of the worst” online infringers.
  • COICA will give the Department of Justice an expedited process for cracking down on websites that are dedicated to making infringing goods and services available.
  • COICA will authorize the Department of Justice to file an in rem civil action against a domain name, and seek a preliminary order from the court that the domain name is being used to traffic infringing material. The Department must publish notice of the action promptly after filing, and it would have to meet clear criteria that focus on the sites’ substantial and repeated role in online piracy or counterfeiting.
  • COICA will provide safeguards allowing the domain name owner or site operator to petition the court to lift the order.
  • COICA will provide safeguards against abuse by allowing only the Justice Department to initiate an action, and by giving a federal court the final say about whether a particular site would be cut off from supportive services.

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